Sketch #4 for Running Scared

“I took the scenic route.”


Ehks ran up the stairs. Two steps at a time. She had given the man a head start. He was a business man it seemed. Middle-aged. Balding. Black hair with fleck of grey at the edges and accentuating the spot that age and stress had made bare. Like a crown of salt.


She wondered. Tried not to wonder but did as she carefully tied her ebony black hair up in a bun and began donning her gloves. Maybe he became greedy. An accountant maybe? Seeing all those large sums of money could turn most people’s heads. Even on a good day. Or so she had heard.


Ehks shrugged to herself awkwardly. Her horn-rimmed glasses slipping down her nose at the jerky movement. She was of South-East Asian descent. India to be exact. Tamil Nadu to be more precise. Her parents were from Madras originally if one cared about things like that. She had brown skin, like a permanent golden brown tan. Her eyes were deep brown, like chocolate and sometimes looked black. She had big eyes and long eyelashes. Doe eyes or bug eyes: it would depend on how one viewed her, how one would describe her.


And right now she had an accountant to kill. “Time’s up.” She said to the phone. The call ended. He must be panicking she thought. She tried not to shrug. She bit her bottom lip in embarassment. She felt bad for the prick. She really did.


She kicked open the door to the parking structure’s roof for dramatic effect. Her stomach dropped. She hated this part. There he was, the poor sod. Panting. He clearly was having a panic attack in the middle of the rooftop.


He laughed. It sounded like the laugh of a mad man. Hysterical. Almost like sobbing. He looked at her with tears stopped in his eyes. “I don’t suppose I could offer you money?” He blurted out before dissolving into another bout of hysterical laughter.


She cocked her eyebrows, tilted her head, eyes intent on him. Curious.


He stood up to his full height. Looked at her. Really looked at her. “Jesus! You can’t be more than seventeen!” She shrugged and couldn’t help but smirk and roll her eyes.


His cheeks became splotchy with red, angered at her apparent nonchalance. He made to jump and she quickly rushed up to him and kneed him in the stomach.


“What?” he growled through couching fits. “Can’t I at least die on my own terms?!”


“No.”” Ehks replied.


“Why the hell not?!” He demanded.


Ehks took out her gun and secured the silencer. She cocked it at him. “All you need to know is I don’t kill good men.” She pulled the trigger. Single bullet to the temple. Dead in an instant. Her signature for jobs like this.


She caught him before he could fall to the ground. Dragged his body to the ledge and pushed him off. No angel ever fell she reminded herself. Only the devil himself.

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