Sketch #3 for Running Scared

The pain wracked through her body. The explosion having sent her flying a good few feet away from where she had been standing. Ehl took in a labored breath, struggling with breathing and her limbs still shaking from the shock, she managed to stand up.

Her eyes were wide open as they always seemed to be now. She took a quick look around, searching for a familiar face. Anyone. But found none.

She felt tears forming in her eyes and pursed her lips. Tears were from before: before she was taken, before she had been trained to kill, before her life had become nothing but pain, fear, and desperation.

Tears belonged to Katie and her softness; not Ehl and her madness. This brought a sick grin to Ehl’s face. She giggled, ‘Oh, if Daddy could see me now!’ She fell into a fit of laughter imagining the look of horror on her father’s face as she licked the fresh blood off her hands.

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