walk with me

Everyone used to think I was so strong

I was the one who people turned to for strength and advice

I’m weak now

They look at me with confusion aversion disgust

They used to call me warrior queen and the like

Now I’m lucky they can even stand to be around me

Life is a journey

My road seems to consist of mountains and cliffs

But at the end I hope to find myself

Be more of myself not less

The journey is never ending

But every road has an end

I just need to keep going

Keep on keeping on

And maybe someday

Those people I disappointed and let down

Will finally see me as I was again

3 thoughts on “walk with me

  1. The journey will not not allow your to stay the same it will change you. So embrace the change that will come and those that leave.. Well don’t hang on to them allow them to leave. Somepeople only stay for a season not everyone will stay endure with you. Nice poem btw💯

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