What happened here, David? What were their names?

Ask me. Would you believe me if I told you?

You will not believe me now so ask me some other time.

What has happened here? Look at me and speak!

“My name is Peter, sir. Ask me something else…

Do you see how dark it is here? Ask me about that.”

And who am I? You may ask and I will answer honestly. Do not forget that.

I am Paul and it was me whom David came to kneel and pray, and recite names.

“David wore the cloth well. He listened to the children and to me. Please understand.”

No! Don’t listen to him! He will be unkind to me in his telling. Forgive me before you ask.

I, Simon, saw it all! Every time: the beginning and the end. And yet I never did speak.

Why are you kneeling here still? The altar and crucifix are gone now. All you have left is time.

You need to get up, off your knees. You should be happy you even have time.

There is no forgiveness for you here. I saw you: make no mistake of that.

“David asked me if I believed them: the others. I said yes, I knew, and offered not to speak.

Wipe that smirk off your face! I may be young but I am no boy—mine is on that list of names.”

Ask me, too, sir. I have an answer for you, as well. Why do you not understand?

What was his name? Don’t you remember? David you must understand…

I need to know who he was. Where is he now? This, it is important—the time.

“You asked me before what happened here… ask me again. Please ask.

Do you know who they are? They called me ‘It’ did you know that?

They called me God, even if I made them, even if I forced them… They were mine, those names.

They cried when It stopped. What was his name? I will not speak.

What was his name? Would you believe me if I told you? Would you listen to me speak?

Named by his mother and made ready by his father. Not like that! But you must understand…

You have seen the list, I guess? It is a lie, those names…

There was only that one, and yet that was enough for them. The time, 

it was against me, always. Soon everyone knew, they all know, did you know that?

And still here you are—offering him salvation. Did you ask?

They burned the church down. They cried when it stopped in time. Though I may speak,

you will never understand. They called me It. They called me God. You know their names,

but do you know who they are? Ask me some other time, and I will tell you that.

Why is it dark? Don’t you remember?

You said you did not know. You said 

You did not remember. Stop cursing. 

No one spoke for you. Yes, you did what was expected.

And yes, no one stopped your tongue. 

Get up off your knees. And yes,

I will sit here with you if you feel 

The need to cry.

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