will they sing of us?

will they tell tales of us when i am gone? when you go? will the light ever guide you home? holi for me is every season every second moment… i wonder skeptic that i am in every way. i always fancied myself a realist stuck on reality and dreams that just were.

you give me hope inspiration. you always have wherever you go.

in the darkest night so long ago


someday maybe i can explain my side if things

even if you don’t remember or don’t want to hear it.

will they tell of us?

i wait wherever i am wherever i go

i look over love

i always have

you are my one and only

i often wondered what it meant that you were born before me and i came later…

did that mean you had someone else?

you are the man with blue eyes though i don’t remember their color anymore

my grey eyes

my storm



and i don’t know what to do

if you leave if you never were mine


just know

the stars were not working right

i suppose

to me

they’ll guide me to you


in our own way


i don’t know what it means to not be chosen first

but yeah i know i’m lying

it’s just

how do i explain how much this difference hurts

how far will it take me from you?

no matter where or how far

i will always search for you

find you

and yours

and i will never demand for anyone to keep you safe

because that’s who i am

that’s what i do

in my own way

i try

i’m manifold

like everyone else

i’m kind

and i’m mean


(just know if it happens i don’t and didn’t ever want to go)

i have had many names


but look

i don’t care if i am considered joseph to your mary

or joe the liar to your you

i know and have always known




that i am nothing

other than me

i am agnes

just agnes

(don’t worry it won’t always hurt will it?)

my heart love

it beats for you alone


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