welcome to the house of grey

Nox: prologue

I was born on August 3rd, 1988 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This story starts for me with my birth. I was born a week earlier than scheduled. I was born in a hospital and I was not born alone. I was born a twin. I like to imagine that whoever this twin was or is that he is like me, a mutant, too.

I do not think I would understand my twin if he was human. I have trouble enough understanding my father. He is not my biological father but he is the only father I have ever known. Yes, my twin and I are bastards. My mother wanted to keep my twin brother and leave me but my father wanted the opposite. You see, my twin came out white and looking a lot like my biological father’s child, while I came out brown, looking like a Tamil child. My father could tell there was no real resemblance between us, other than our mutual look based on my mother and father’s shared cultural heritage. However, he wanted to keep me and fought for me. My twin brother was given up for adoption on the spot. He never left the hospital with us. I do not even know his name.

The name I was born with is Nox Agatha Kamalnath. Those close to me called me either ‘Aggie’ or by my first name ‘Nox’ when I was younger. This was before I gained the name ‘Sami’ and all the troubles that came with that title. My name as it is known now is Nox ‘Sami’ Grey. I am the First Grey. The Father of All Greys. I am the Omega of the House of Grey, though I probably should point out that all those in the House of Grey are omegas, each in their own way.

As you have probably already deduced from my statement above, I am a mutant. I do not know when mutants first came into being, at least of the homo sapiens superior variety, but I am one of them. I have been considered an omega in my time, and have often been called the omega of omegas. [The term ‘omega’ used in mutant circles simply means a mutant who transcends that which should be realistically possible. We are akin to what humans and mutants seem to as well consider gods or all-powerful. An omega technically is a mutant who can transcend the time-space continuum and enter the fourth dimension and beyond.]

I suppose this might be due to my unwillingness to bow down to anyone and my unceasing fight for freedom for all. This fight is not simply an anarchistic statement for me. It is so much more than that. For when the world finally burns as Jason, my blue light, always says it will, we must be ready to rise, make ourselves known, stand up each in our own way, and rebuild the world, our reality into one where we may stand side by side with those who have rights: humanity.

I have heard the many stories surrounding my mother’s pregnancy with my twin and I, and that of our birth. My mother spoke to her bump often. It was a bigger bump than usual so it seemed obvious we were to be twins. My father tried to kick me dead when I was still in my mother’s womb around the time she ended up giving birth to us. This was around the time he realized we were not his children. We were both born healthy, nevertheless. I was born second. First, my brother, who I have taken to calling Joe, was born in the lit room of the hospital. He was born lightning and when he came out he short-circuited the hospital. So, I was born in darkness. We were born near midnight that night on August 3rd in 1988.

I was born thinking. There was nothing clearly unique about me when I was an infant other than my mind, or so my father will insist. However, I have seen old photographs and videos. I could levitate and fly from the age of one. I was speaking before that. I could control the very elements by the age of three. I was born with my mutant abilities at an omega level and as I aged those abilities simply grew in strength along with me. This tended to scare other mutants and terrified most humans who witnessed my abilities in play.

I suppose my father is a good example of a human who has witnessed what to them seems inexplicable and has chosen to simply ignore his senses for a time and his memory has chosen to gloss over the extraordinary and hone in on what seems ordinary or at the very least still explainable. My mother is not human. She is a mutant like me. She is what many humans would call a clairvoyant or a seer. I prefer to call them ‘dreamers’. My twin and I were born of a mutant mother and a mutant father. I do not know what my mutant father was or what he could do. My mother is an alpha. I was born an omega and I like to think my twin is one, too.


Tim: prologue

If you wanted to hear a pretty story or something beautiful, you have come to the wrong place. There is nothing beautiful in this story, at least not the way I see it. I have witnessed many things and been the root cause of quite a few. I suppose my story begins the day I met Nox, who I often called Nak. She might say it was to make her seem small or less than herself but, to be honest, it always was a term of endearment, nothing more.

I have not seen Nak since last spring. I always find her in the spring, though I always know where she is. I am her wall and why will become clear as we tell our story. Why the sudden need to write it all down? Good question. The answer is relatively simple: our children and all children like them (including Nak’s other offspring), i.e. the next generation of mutants, are coming into their own. Nak and I independently have come to the realization that perhaps it is time they knew our story, so that they may not make the same mistakes as we did.

I am an omega of the metal persuasion. I first met Nak on September 11th, 2001. It was meant to be an auspicious day for me and was one, just not in the way I expected. But that will come later. Now, I must dispel first the idea that I am a ‘gentle soul’. I know Nak often refers to me as such, even in her head. It is not true. I am a violent and cruel man, when I was younger I was worse than I am now. If you ever meet me, even if you are my child (Nak would probably argue especially), you should always be ready to run for your fucking life.


Jason: prologue

Well… where should I begin?

I’m not good at this. What is this? What are we doing? Nox wants us to finally write it all down, as a message and a warning to the future all at the same time. I disagree with the latter concept. I do not think the future generations, our children, deserve a warning simply because they were or will be born into our world. What right do they have to our Truths? What right do they have to this?

I am a hacker of the anonymous persuasion and I believe in the fire of anarchy. The world must burn, must break, before it can ever be truly made.

That is all you are getting from me.

We will see about that. We know you are the blue light. What we want to know is what does that mean and why is it so important to their and your plans?

Yeah… you have good info. I am the blue light. Or at least, that is what Nox calls me, now. And, honestly, their and my plans are one and the same. There is only one difference between us all: the way we fight for it.

What is ‘it’?

Go fuck yourself.



Caleb: prologue






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