The First Few- 3: Star-Crossed and Then Some

When I first started conceptualizing the Academy, when I was a child, it was

primarily a place set in fantasy, and the characters, usually, represented a sort of

ideal I had or wanted to understand. I have always had trouble understanding the

idea of love: especially the epic ‘true’ or ‘fated’ type of emotion or supposed


In the Academy there are two characters who are supposed to be ‘fated’ or ‘soul

mates’: Veran and Caelestus? (Cael to lessen confusion). There have been many

iterations of this idea, none of which have seemed right or done well.

Veran is a Tamil boy, who is pretty much lust incarnate. In early ideas, he covered

his body with make-up to lessen the effect the sight of his skin would cause on

people’s emotions/hormones. He is the most beautiful person in the world (ever

according to rumor). He and Cael always somehow meet and end up attracted to

one another. In most iterations, Veran often wears dresses and skirts, though he

does wear pants and more conventional men’s clothing, as well.

Veran was my first and only attempt at an embodiment of ‘pure’ darkness. He is a

good person both in heart and in intention.

Cael is a blonde-haired (sometimes white-haired) young man, who is of genius

intellect. He is a professor at the Academy (in its first iteration) even though he is

of the same age (relatively) as the students – though younger than a great deal of

them. (I think in the early ideas he wore glasses?) He is tall and good-looking. He is

of a more traditional build than Veran, and usually has a girl-friend or fiancee for

Veran to contend with.

Cael was my first and only attempt at an embodiment of ‘pure’ light. He can be

quite cruel and cold, though his intentions are always aimed at bettering (in his

eyes) Veran and his lot in life.

There were and still are many stories/ideas I have involving these characters, and

below I will outline some of the earliest ones (some are small as they are often

times minor characters):


Cael is in a relationship with Vesper. However, he is having an affair with Veran. He

is openly affectionate with Vesper, and often times his guilt causes him to act out violently with Veran. If Veran approaches him in front of others, he is cold and distant. Later, he smacks Veran around for his indiscretions earlier in the day. He is not intimate with Vesper, and she suspects/knows about Veran. Veran is resentful (but not jealous) of Vesper and her ability to be seen with Cael. She often cares for

Veran after severe lashings from Cael.

Veran never blames Vesper for these, as they both know and love Cael. However, Cael is torn between the two of them, for which Vesper blames him and harbors a growing hatred and disdain for him and his actions. Veran, however, usually blames himself, and never sees fault in Cael.


Cael is a leader in the army- officer or something of the sort. Veran is a dancer of great beauty. When he dances the very earth responds to his whims. (Often the ground raises to meet him and the trees lean towards him). If he dances, and wishes for victory it is granted to him with the aid of Nature. The very earth is his first and foremost lover (or love?).

Cael meets Veran when he raises his city and captures him because of his rare talent. However, Cael finds himself enamored by the young man (or perhaps disturbingly obsessed?- looking back on it) and refuses to use his gifts to win any of his battles. Though, Cael, also, is very proud and would not be willing to win based on charades or games or enchantments- he demands victory won by right and blood.

As a result his army is defeated by a young man named Rose, who takes Veran to be his concubine. He rapes Veran and brutalizes him in the presence of the masses. Cael’s reactions used as a means of destroying his hold over his men and lessening their loyalty to him.

Cael ends up killing Rose, and escaping with Veran. Their end is anyone’s guess.- Personally, I think they end up on the streets, or dead.


Cael is a rich young man, and Veran is an orphan (very beautiful- again). Veran is a

ward who works (sometimes studies) at the Academy. Cael is enamored by him,

but never seems to be noticed by Veran.

Veran has a long list of abusive relationships (Jav, Skylar, etc). He does not

understand kind gestures – or at the very least does not relate them to love or lust.

Cael is at first a kind person, who would never raise his hand to anyone. However, he ends up brutalizing and raping Veran, and in one instant he sobs over Veran’s broken body, which confuses Veran a great deal. Cael hates the hold Veran has on him, mainly because he does not understand nor

wish for it. He would rather move on as he understands there is no happy ending for them.

Veran is more complacent about their lot, and does not care much. As far as he is concerned, fate or destiny or whatever simply made them need each other, and that negates all chances there would be of them having any true emotion towards each other. He does not believe there is any love between them, which causes him to not see the problem with continuing to have real relationships (that he emotionally invests in). (the main person he is with is Skylar). This causes most of the tension between the two, as Cael resents this easy overlook by Veran. (Cael is not used to being taken for granted, and does not understand why Veran does not even consider him slightly for an emotional relationship).

In some ideas, Veran is a whore, in others he is a perpetual virgin (which never seemed to make sense). In most cases, Cael ends up hurting Veran physically, and Veran ends up emotionally fucking with Cael. In some cases, Cael rapes a virginal Veran, so that he can completely possess Veran.

It is probably important to note that in all these stories Veran is peculiar in the sense that he drives people insane with lust etc., when his skin is not covered (or something of the sort). Cael, however, is not like other people (in fact, he seems to never be in control when Veran is around). It is odd, as I think of Veran as an otherworldly creature, like a faerie or some sort of god, but Cael is simply a man in his thrall.

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