The First Few- 2: Fantasy Types (Dawn & Sunset)

When I first attempted to write a fantasy story, I developed a set of ideas that most

of the stories that came after followed. It is a somewhat childish idea, but very dear

to me all the same. In most all of my fantasy ideas, there are characters that either

embody the elements or are pseudo-gods or epic heroes. The first fantasy ideas I

had involved characters that embodied the elements, predominantly. The elements

of choice were: fire, water, wind/air, earth, and light and darkness. The last two

‘elements’ were the most difficult for me to understand.

When I was a child (7 years old or so), I had trouble with such abstract ideas. God,

as I perceived, was ball of energy or something (rather nothing or perhaps an ‘it’- a

monster that is). Star Wars probably is at fault for this conception of mine. So,

when I tried to understand ‘pure’ darkness and ‘pure’ light- with my mind breaking

it into evil and good, I found myself at a loss. In order to understand this idea

better, I wrote characters with control over ‘tainted light and darkness’, ‘tainted

light’, ‘tainted darkness’. ‘Pure’ light and ‘pure’ darkness were only ever embodied

in two characters: Caelestus (? I do not remember the spelling- Caelestis?

Caelistus?- I simply refer to him as Cael, now.) and Veran.

Dawn and Sunset were my first fantasy characters. They were brother and sister.

Dawn was younger by many years, and Sunset was his guardian, of sorts. Dawn

was my first attempt at a character embodying ‘tainted’ light. This became easily

confused once I realized that if the light is tainted that must mean there is

darkness, etc. Thus, Dawn was the ‘tainted light and darkness’ element. (Silly?

Perhaps.) Sunset was the protective type, and when I envisioned her in the

Academy, she was a dreamer (psychic of sorts- seer?), and in the Lesser: Aquinas.

She often dreamed of a garden, where there was a tree, and life was happy and

peaceful. (She was based on my older sister).

In one attempt, Sunset was sick and lying in bed, late for an exam. The professor

came to her room, because she was a good student and did not want her to fail for

such a silly reason. Sunset was allowed to take the test, and in her delirium

afterwards muttered about the dream, and the tree, and how beautiful the garden

was (as she fell back asleep).

In one story I started writing with these characters, I attempted to explain where

their parents were/how they died. (Sadly, I was 15 years old at the time, and their

names seemed to me quite silly then. So, I wrote it as a Harry Potter fanfiction which

is silly as no magic really or any type of that sort of fantasy figured- but it

was enough for me to drop the characters…) The father was coming home late, as

he was out buying something. The mother was sitting in bed, holding a box, and

combing her daughter’s hair. Somehow (I don’t remember) they are going to be

raided?/attacked or something? Sunset hands Dawn a cross necklace, and tells

him to run no matter what. They get separated in the woods/forest, and Sunset

tells him to keep going. Dawn ends up in a church, hiding in the confessional, and

when the people open the door to reach him/ kill him? (perhaps they were

Deatheaters?) Dawn screams/shouts ‘Why can’t you just leave me alone?!’ and the

people fall/ perhaps they die? As he shouts this, he pushes his hands out in a

defensive movement with the cross necklace wrapped around his hands. Sunset

and Dawn do not see each other again.

Afterwards, sometimes, Dawn became a dreamer/seer. Or simply went to school

(the Academy), and that was the end of my involvement with the character.

Another idea for a story, that I thought of while watching Dark Angel (the episode

with Ben- completely fan based idea), and developed while in wilderness language

camps (Concordia Language Villages- French and Spanish), involved a character

inspired by my older sister. The family is very rich, and have a large sprawling

forest on their grounds (see the connection?). This was an attempt at a

supernatural horror of sorts. The girl (who was based loosely on my sister) was a

teenager in high school. She played games with people and they did not always live.

When they died, she would position them? artistically in different places of the

forest. She was part of a cult/order that consisted of many other children.

A girl came and asked to be initiated into the group (also, based on my older

sister). There was a chant I wrote that I do not remember exactly- about walking

through fire? pain and such and how none of it mattered as she(the teenager)

would always be with her. (also parts about lighting a candle and never being

warm again, and closing her eyes and never seeing again- and that she would

never miss all the things she lost). The girl was supposed to figure out the teenager

was corrupted/tainted in some way, and save everyone/or perhaps just herself- I

never got past the part about the teenager and her demented ways (as the people

in my cabin found her far more interesting to hear about.)

(‘look into my candle’ etc) I embarrassed myself by willingly attempting to chant the

song to give it a more realistic feel… My mom found the scrap of the chant, and I

was punished- (I find it hard to believe I followed the punishment

though), and the paper was taken away and put in the sin box.

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