The First Few- 1: Stella and Friends

Stella Klamath was a young girl whose mother died when she was a child. Her father was mostly absent. She went to the Academy based solely on nepotism. The Academy in this iteration (when I was still young- around 6 years old to about 9) had class divisions, the students belonged to either the Lesser or not. The Lesser students had menial work and were treated as inferior by most of the other students. Stella starts out this way, but learns slowly, through her friendship with someone of the Lesser (a girl who has great interest in pagan and natural mysticism). Stella becomes quite close to this girl (Scharr) and another (Tanja- a girl with more interest in alchemy and the sciences). Stella was a close relative of Narscirinna- a house (family) of great power (and renown). Mr. Narscirinna is the Headmaster/Principal of the Academy during Stella’s time there.

[When I was older and had been to a few boarding schools, I incorporated the idea of dorms and intramural competitions. Westover (an all-girls boarding school in Connecticut), North Country (a boarding school in Upper New York), Haileybury (a boarding school in Hertfordshire, England) and my visits to Oxford, and time in Cambridge town helped shape my idea for the Academy in terms of styling, and the type of architecture, etc. The dorms received names, and for the intramural competitions certain dorms were paired together, to form teams/groups/sets? (e.g. Proditor, Aquinas (a Lesser set), Narscirinna). Each set had an unique emblem-such as: Proditor- the Egyptian eye, Aquinas- (a bird/river), and team colors (Proditor: black and white, Aquinas- pastels: blue/green).]

Stella had a very fragile psyche, which over the course of the story became utterly fragmented, especially after the discovery of the mutilated doll in the glass house. Stella, also, has a peculiar incapability of understanding the concept of death. She refuses to believe it possible for a person to ever end- thus, making her all the more dangerous an adversary when she finally becomes a soldier and fights against others. She finds enjoyment in the suffering of those at their end- as she believes that they will go on to something better- and they may come back anew anyhow. (in this regard, she is quite similar to Twilight, the broken/damaged fighter).

Scharr was a Lesser student, and believed in pagan ideology and the mysticism of Nature. She was often at odds with Tanja- who looked down on such acts of faith, and relied solely on academic knowledge, such as, alchemy and the other prove sciences. (insert knowing smirk here).

Tanja was a good friend of Stella for the most part, but eventually broke off after she became aware of Stella’s ‘unnatural’ attachment to Scharr. Tanja believed such affections to be unnatural and effects of a disturbed past, but could never prove any of such accusations with factual evidence. (Tanja was finally emotional at the end- she eventually also became a soldier, and her clinical view helped her greatly when she was surrounded by carnage and bloodshed) She eventually (or so Stella suspects) kills Shcarr, who has refused to join the conflict out of respect for her faith and mystic beliefs. Stella goes on a rampage for retribution and eventually Tanja is tortured and killed, but not by Stella. She only hears of her old friend’s death from another.

This might account for Stella’s extreme guilt and self-hatred by the end- as the lone survivor of the war, which she now views as an all out massacre with her as the main culprit. She last saw Scharr at the Academy on the day she and Tanja sign up to join the forces- and Tanja makes her feelings on the subject of Scharr known to Stella. She never heard from her again, as Scharr went off in search of someone believed to have control over the (wind element?)- unsure- would make more sense if it was water- as Stella wants to die but is never able and the element of water would be able to kill her off easily enough.

Stella, Tanja, Scharr, and (water/wind character) are the first inhabitants of the forest dreamscape. In this timeline, Gaia (the dreamer- in later years) is present as a musical voice/ or singer- who is telling the story of Stella and her life up to her untimely end- left alone in the dark with a single candle burning- never to go out.

As Gaia would probably rightly point out, Stella was not a true hero, she fought and killed those she was said to protect. She let live the one who murdered her beloved, She never told Scharr she loved her, and never visited her grave, once she was killed- and she never was able to accept herself.

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