Stella Klamath: A Portrait of Someone (Not Me)

Though my mother would probably argue on this point, Stella Klamath was a name she came up with, when I went to her for help on finding one. I had not read Greek mythology yet and had yet to truly discover the Roman Empire. My mother decided on Stella (which is my middle name) and Klamath as it is the name of a Native American tribe and I was certain that my character was Native American. It is also the name for many geographical locations.

In the prologue I wrote, the mother died of an unknown disease. This, as you can imagine did not please my mother so much. (and perhaps may be one of the reasons for the sin box?) Perhaps, my mother thought the character she had helped name was in fact a version of me that I was writing out events that I wished to occur? Even if this is the case, it is not true. First off, Stella Klamath was always simply a fictional character and when I still took her seriously was a completely independent character- apart from myself.

Stella Klamath’s mother dies when she is still quite young (infancy/toddler years). Her father is away on a business trip (he collects and deals with ancient artifacts) when this event happens. Stella’s mother was a house mom, and took care of her daughter while her husband was away. She had been sick for over a week and so was tending to Stella from her bed, as she was too tired and sore to move from it. When the illness took over completely, she died in a day. Her hair fell out, and her feet and hands became deformed, and she bled incessantly in large quantities. Finally, she passed out from the severe pain she was in- telling Stella with a smile that she was going to take a long nap.

Her father was informed by their neighbors when one stopped by to return a dish that was borrowed (or something of the sort?), and discovered the dead body, and little Stella demanding for her mother to wake up and play with her. He flew in as quickly as he was able and took Stella with him and left her in the care of relatives (as he had work to do – sort of like Luke Skywalker- except her dad is not evil when I figured that out – the similarity – I wrote her out as a fanfiction and never took the character seriously again- same with any story idea I have and notice major similarities with other published works. – Such similarities make me sad- even though I wrote mine before Harry Potter was even published)

She goes to the Academy (a school set up in the image of the Academy of Socrates/Plato) and meets up with other children. She meets those who show great interest in alchemy, and others that are more in-tuned with nature and the sacred craft of magic, etc.? (it wasn’t really magic- more like conjuring- praying- fantasy style?)

The first book- because I thought maybe it could be a series- was The Eternal Sleep. In the end of the book- because I know the ending (very well) – Stella finds a glass house where her mother supposedly is living in hiding since her sudden ‘disappearance’. When Stella walks into the house there is a doll on the couch in the perfect image of her mother and how she looked when she died. (Except there are scars where there were cuts she bled from- and bandages, etc like a stitched up bandaged version of her mother- a healed one?) Stella’s mind fractures after this – whatever happens there- she breaks afterward.

When I was 13 years old, I attempted to write her down again- it was 2001, and September 11th made me think of death and how I would feel if I had never tried to get the stories right. No matter what even if no one ever reads them, I should at least attempt to write them for myself- because I care and want to read them myself. Stella in this incarnation had power over fire (the elements and this had a stronger leaning towards alchemy- I was really interested in Middle Ages, the Catholic Church, and alchemy) She has a friend who is an elemental ? over earth and one for wind… They end up killing each other during some sort of war they are forced to act as soldiers in- they are played as puppets (I had read Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow). Stella is the last one remaining and she has this sad monologue (where she wonders where the water is – because she is fire- corny, right?) Nothing can kill her, not even the fire she holds in her hands- because even that she is not even truly grasping the fire doesn’t touch her skin, only warming her slightly – she is always cold- she wants to die- but she cannot. She can’t even kill herself because she will always at the last minute fight to live.


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