the ice queen has a heart made of fire

she runs shouting for her people

begs for help

shrieks fear

they turn their heads

thinking themselves


laugh later

about it

what could they have done?

other than the



she demands loudly

what happened to

the goodness

in the world?

they start charity drives

and when they hear her

screaming fear

in the hallways

followed by the thudding

of silence

too quiet

they never tell

the difference.

one day

they will look back

and remember nothing

not even the strange screams

that could have

should have

given way

to ghost


no matter.

she will remember it


never be willing to

acknowledge or say hello

to anyone

who represents


and years hence

she will continue

through the traumas

she endured

and sometimes

she will wonder

what life could have been

if not


it was never


so why dwell

why ruminate

on could have beens?

this is what she got

so she bends down

readies herself

and doubles down


into the life

that she fought against

but was brought into

and kept in


you have your dreams

and i

i had mine

mine may have been trodden underfoot

a long time ago

but yours still

have farther to bloom

and i will

i will fight

until my dying breath

for all of yours.

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