to my younger brother, andrew

i hope you find your way in the world. though you have seen the darkness the decay that pervades it i know one day you will find your feet again. and you will walk tall as you once did giving voice to the muted cries of the broken though you were one too. and all the noise which followed tormented you all your life will feel less like drowning and more like marching as you once did when you were young and wanted to go leave find your footing in a distant land to protect freedom and all that is. you did not go. father mother held you forced you home made you stay. the nightmare of knowing… your good friend and roommate died in war. you may not have been able to go find your way in that desert… but i hope you’ll see as i have that you are still enough. and the games we played when we ran off and out seeking adventure maybe one day you’ll show the world through the games you’ll make someday. you’re a man now little brother and the world will be greater because of you.

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