leave earth? i don’t think i could…

yeah i’ve been through a lot and things still happen but i’m still me and that’s not about to change. i’ve loved i’ve lost and i am still here. not sure why or even if there is a why. but i do know i won’t ever just sit by no matter what i will always be that. the one who will walk run do my best for this. for a dream i may never have. this world is everything and to those who would just up and head to mars etc. well… this world was clearly too great for you to ever fathom or understand. if we be the last then that was it for us. this is our world and we shaped it into something not of our liking. and i’ll stay here always. even when the lights go out and there is nothing left. i will be here. even when it is gone burst into ash i will be of it but not. this is mine it’s yours too if you just knew to remember that.

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